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You want to know who’s behind Strona and it’s time for us!

A website design studio based in London, United Kingdom.

We want to fill the internet with beautiful websites – our websites.

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Every website we develop tells a story of our client.

Your satisfaction from the website’s looks and performance is crucial.

We want to present your authentic value to the market and help you to build a brand that appeals to your clients.

Our traits

Attractive design

Persuasive content

Reliable technologies

Data & Security


Attractive design
We build websites to adjust them to your branding and marketing strategy. We follow the Laws of UX Design and get inspired by the best of our awwwards fellows.
Persuasive content
We are not a lorem ipsum agency. Adequate and persuasive content is inherent to the visual design. Cohesion of the whole message is key.
Reliable technologies
We do not reinvent the wheel. We use the common programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and advanced libraries: Django, ReactJS, NextJS, RestAPI. The code is clean, short and stable.
Data & Security
We implement analytical tools that track the data from your website, You receive ready reports on the agreed KPIs. Websites we build respect the privacy and personal data of users.
We set our prices at extremely competitive levels to deliver affordable websites. We truly believe that we have got the quality/price balance spot on.

Meet the team

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We keep our company young. Our team comprises of individuals who are still in formal education and want to move their professional career forward as early as possible. We boil with passion and enthusiasm to any project that allows us to unleash creativity and show off our skills.